Lancaster Family History

This website is intended to be a permanent and shared resource for any family member or interested party.

Please feel free to browse the family tree, if you are not registered then only deceased members will be visible to you (bear in mind that some individuals, long passed away, do not have details of death yet entered so this view may show some strange results). To browse the family tree the Interactive View is quite useful. A relative can easily be found throught the Find facility.

There is an album of more than 400 old family photos here.

We had a family reunion on Saturday 8th Aust 2015 at Gaveston Hall in Sussex. Organised by Anne and Hellen Lancaster it was a great success with over eighty attending.

If you feel that you have anything to contribute then please let us know either by registering on the website (go to 'login' then select 'Request new user account') or by contacting

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